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Step Down Transformers are used in both transmission and distribution functions.

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Step-Up Transformers
Details and further information regarding installation and basic configurations.

Step-Down Transformers
Fundamental data regarding transformers used in step-down applications.

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A basic description and links to TEMCo transformers recommended for step-down applications.

What is a Transformer?
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Step-Down Transformers


Step-Down TransformersStep-Down Transformers are very close to the construction of Step-Up Transformers, except that the windings on the primary side are always more numerous than those on the secondary side.  In fact, if you are already thinking it, yes, either type of transformer could be wired in backwards and therefore achieve the opposite application.  The one caveat in this is that one has to assure that the resultant voltage is equivalent to what is desirable as it is possible to arrive at an output in a range not at all desirable for one's needs, depending on the proportionate number of windings on primary and secondary sides.  To be safe and effective, the output of a transformer must be within a few percent of the voltage needed.

WARNING! Misapplication of Step-Up or Step-Down Transformers being used as their opposite can result in damage to and failure of sensitive motors and equipment!  Some kinds of machines and electrical devices can be damaged by either too low or too high a voltage.

Step-Down Transformers are based on the same formulas that other  transformers are, but the key element is that they convert voltages to lower volumes while increasing amperage and effects of resistance.  Since they are mostly used for more local applications, the effects of resistance is not considered to be significant.

Step-DownTransformers are ideal in short-distance power transmission use because they are more compact and closer to the final output demands of the area where they are installed.  They are also safer when placed in in-house commercial places and residential areas as they are not carrying the extreme voltages of high-power transmission lines.

Step-Down Transformers can be found in many different and varied applications, including intermediate transmission systems where they lower the voltages, in more local distribution portions of power transmission systems where they bring the voltages to a more manageable level (as in the pole-mounted variety commonly seen on power poles), in commercial sites where they drop voltages to a level used by commercial machinery, in home use where single phase 120v is distributed into residences, and in even lower voltage applications as in outdoor lighting.

An alternative to a Step-Down Transformer is a Buck Boost Transformer. Under the right conditions you may be able to successfully fulfill your needs with one of these, and it will be cheaper and a lighter installation.  Consult the links to this Buck Boost Transformer site, the second one to the right on this page, or consult with our experts.

Look on the What is a Transformer? page for a discussion of transformers in general, and for the particular math that is used in determining the construction of Step-Down transformers.

Call TEMCo and request your Step-Down Transformer.  Most major brands are available through TEMCo, including  Step-Down Transformers, and competitive pricing with quick delivery is stressed. See the links to the right for some of these important brands.

A custom-made transformer can usually be designed, built and shipped to you within about a week, if necessary.

Contractors and individuals who need portable power sources and lighting may also want to check out the Diesel Generators available through TEMCo.Step-Down Transformers are only one of many types produced using the same mathematical fundamentals.

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